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Khalda - Wasfi Al Tal Street, Amman, Jordan



Sterilization Service

We offer a full range of disinfection solutions and services based on science and
developed by a group of specialists in this field to meet all the needs of our clients, including institutions and large companies, medium and small in addition to residential facilities.

Post Construction Cleaning

After all that hard work of constructing your dream house or establishment, and before moving in or put it to sale, a hectic job need to be done first, which is post construction cleaning, and that were all of our expertise come togother, our services covers:

Packing & Unpacking Services

Finding a new House or an Office might be a big challenge on itself, but we can all agree that Its the packing that is the most challenging and hated by all one of our service is the door to door packing / unpacking of furniture or any other inventory items.

Cleaning Factories Warehouse & Hangers

The Storing process mostly repuires wheeled carriages and machines, that would drag dirt and other substances inside the warehouse/hanger, beside any oils leaks and tires rubber caused by friction, would making the area prone to accidents easily, which is dangerous for your employees and inventory as well.